Friday, June 3, 2011

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For millennia, civilizations rested in women. Its role as a trainer for the next generation, barely recognizes tiny exceptions. And this role was based on the implicit recognition of the diversity and complementarity of both sexes.

Since the nineteenth century progressivism breaks into the issue from the absurd idea of \u200b\u200bequality of men and women, and in little more than a century destroyed what nature and civilization had been built over millennia . The first coup was to convince women that only male jobs were important. The second blow was the creation of a system social and family in which women's work was becoming increasingly necessary and inevitable.

With these realities women stood in the first of the trappings of modernity. To function, the assembled system required one of two things:

a) That the women leave to have children and these are "produced" with biological and chemical devices (this was the solution envisioned by Aldous Huxley his novel "Brave New World").

b) That will not breed more mothers and their children (this was the solution tested, For example, in some of the Israeli farms. Ended in total failure.)

not giving either of these two solutions, feminism women imposed on this reality: the pursuit of any occupation or profession-pound-not able to save their responsibilities as wife and mother, if was. Thus, far from gaining an equal place alongside the man he met in the cast was up to her two roles in numerous cases showed total or partially incompatible.

The result ultimately was not in doubt. A growing proportion of women "Modern" Europe and the United States opt to have a couple (or several simultaneous or successive) but no children. In the best case, ideal for those women taking the married name "Dink" (double income, no kids, double income, no kids-). The consequences of all this on the evolution of the population are read by now well-known statistics and the terrible plight of the interim system, but eventually will cause an unimaginable catastrophe.

But all this, despite his terrible gravity, not the worst. Progressivism also fought to suppress anything that differentiate women from men. The next victim was to be the shame. Persistently fought against the feeling that part of the consciousness of the human animal and becomes such (modesty) to meet with the delicacy of the feminine condition. Modesty was the distinguishing mark of the woman, the outer wall of their condition.

After a century of struggle, today has killed millions of modesty in women, have no qualms about nudity (three rags malcubriendo his "shame") every summer, to which must be added other million price undress in television sets and studies of the pornographers. The result is a sea of \u200b\u200bfemale flesh turned into a fat-business to reach through television and the Internet, for all budgets and all ages.

Women's liberation, which promised the dignity of women against male contempt, has become the most banal of objects of consumption for men in the cheapest gags of living sick society that marches to nowhere.

D'Angelo Anibal Rodriguez

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